• Commie Chinese Build Up Powerful Military

    July 20, 2010 3:19 pm 2 comments
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    It’s no wonder our good friend Amber Cooper says, I Am Extremely Terrified of Chinese People, but I am not racist. The durge Chinese are scary, my friends. Even as we speak, they build up their legions of terror!

    You cower with fear and despair at the hordes of Chinese that now amass to bring war to our peaceful lands! As reported by Reuters, the Chinese Commies have amassed large armies. They have it all!

    Fire breather robots! Check.

    Whore demon deceptor spies sucky sucky five dollar make juices flow! Check. I am not making this up! Fear!

    300 million durge troops armed with machine gun laser! Check.

    Jackie Chan. Check.

    Nuclear weapons that have not been approved by America! Check.

    It is no wonder our Pentagon is in arms and scrambling our nukes and interceptor missiles. To think that as America is trying to lead the world to peace, that China would stage such a drill is quite dreadful. Let us pray for the Chinese, so that perhaps their cold hearts may know the love of Christ and America, the purveryors of freedom and hope for tomorrow, mercy and salvation. Amen.

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