• Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin To Sing At Philadelphia Mann Music Center, For Charity

    July 28, 2010 8:20 am 16 comments
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  • The beautiful and brilliant former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, and one of the greatest soul singers of all time, Aretha Frankling, are slated to join together next month to sing at the Mann Music Center.

    These two women of great reputation will join their voices as one in a fundraising effort to promote awareness of problems facing inner-city youth, and to help these youth overcome obstacles facing their lives.

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    While Obama’s choice for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton galavants about the globe preaching violence and ill-will to nations with whom we should be bringing Christ’s message of love, we see that even when out of office, Dr. Condoleezza Rice still has a heart for the people. This is more proof of the GOP’s inherent value that the government is for the people. Without office, Condoleezza’s true desire is to still find ways to help our nation’s youth.

    It stands to figure that this woman, appointed by our Christian President George W. Bush, is of such resolute character and devotion to what is important: our domestic issues. While Obama squanders our nation’s wealth on foreign wars and his support of terror regimes and big business, and even Hillary Clinton squanders $50 million of taxpayer’s money to throw a wedding for her daughter Chelsea Clinton, Dr. Condoleezza Rice teams with Aretha Franklin to make a brighter tomorrow for the future of America.

    This warming story for the heart should be proof enough to you that in 2012, we need people with a heart for America back in the White House. What a great Secretary of State Condoleeza would make again, or perhaps even a vice-president?

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