• Decision Points, President George W. Bush’s Biography Leaked

    July 16, 2010 12:57 am 11 comments
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    President George W. Bush, the president sent to America by the love and will of our Lord and Savior.

    The life and times of President George W. Bush is something for all to enjoy and cherish. The inspirational story of how a young man was called by God to politics, to lead the greatest nation on Earth to great new heights and against the hating hordes of terrorists is something to which all can relate.

    The story of George W. Bush, as an every-man who humbly hailed from the East coast and calls Texas his home, is now something we can all enjoy.

    The Democrats, hating freedom, want to destroy and sully the positive feelings of love, joy and patriotism provided by President George W. Bush’s memoirs of his life and times. In typical liberal fashion, they want to burn his books and oppress our right to be inspired by such a great man.

    Even on Amazon.com, the low democrats seek to deplore the good name of Bush by leaving nasty, childish comments. These are things you would never see from fine upstanding Christians of the GOP.

    My friends, Christmas will soon be upon us and what greater gift is there than the gift of hope and joy? Love?

    That is why you should go ahead and buy your copy of Decision Points, by President George W. Bush.

    Go ahead and take out your credit card, and then go to Amazon.com to buy this great work by United States president and commander of the Free World, to show your loyalty and support of one of the greatest men of our lifetime on Earth.

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