• Dinner for Schmucks Review and Trailer

    July 30, 2010 2:24 pm 2 comments
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  • So over the last week, everyone with a television is in the know about a new movie named Dinner for Schmucks. The plot seems to revolve around a quirky, dark comedy that touches light in humor, the perceived supernatural and mind control. It has a dark feel to it in the dinner scene and right off, you can tell it is a light veil to get a dark movie into the lives of America.

    This dark comedy begins when the film’s villains, the antagonists, invite their most ‘idiotic’ friends to a dinner party to see who is the most gullible. They make fun of their guests and make them do mean things, and the audience is supposed to fine humor in this and laugh about all of this.

    This film sends the wrong message and for a summer when feel-good movies are needed, this movie is promoting a culture of deception and bullying. Perhaps it is to serve as a testament to The Obama Administration, who finds humor in how they are tearing down our freedoms as they see the public as but guillible fools, the audience who bears witness to their attempt to socilize and marginalize American glory.

    Whatever the case, I have no stomach for this movie and you should ban your children from watching it. Bullying is not a joking matter and has no room in our culture, especially during such a volatile time.

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