• Elizabeth Hasselbeck Reveals Origins of Older Lesbians

    July 29, 2010 11:51 am 8 comments
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  • Lesbians are mentally confused women who, due to some sort of trauma or mental issue, think that it is normal to desire bed relations with another female.

    It is sad to know and see that each and every day, there are millions of these women out there and they are without counseling or any psychological help. They continue to live sadly in their confused lifestyle, not ever feeling really fully satisfied as their body’s latent desire for a normal relationship with a man and children is ever present.

    Sometimes in life, older women who have been perfectly fine and normal, but without a husband, suddenly get a lesbian urge. This happens to very fine women who get close to the end of their reproductive cyle, but still yet have not found a man, perhaps as what may soon happen to the dear, sweet actress Jennifer Aniston.

    These women are confused and do not understand why they are making clam lesbian choices, but The View host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, with a theory so simple and pure, gives a good idea why: they are desperate for a man and just cannot find one, as there are too few.

    As a dangerous trend of liberal ethos becomes more acceptable in our nation’s conscious, we continue to see a rise in divorce within the nuclear family. After divorce, many hurt men seek the company of far younger women in dating. This leaves older women to turn to each other in sin and Satan is exploiting this very fact.

    Elizabeth hits the nail on the head with her theory and we can only pray for the minds of lesbian women, as they are wounded and in need of healing, but left unhealed, will leave the female in a lifestyle of sin. These sins will lead all these older women straight to hell, on account of their lesbian acts and being perversions to humanity.

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