• Grab Your Rifles, There Is Now A Asimo Robot That Can Learn

    July 26, 2010 9:49 am 12 comments
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    I figured this day would come before long. For years I have built up a large arsenal of weapons and ever since they were two, each one of my boys has been learned how to shoot a gun proper. Me and mine are excellent marksmen and hopefully the same is true for your family.

    The world is now in official peril, my friends. The rowdy Japanese have finally created the apocolypse technology, that is, a robot that can learn.

    They call it Asimo and this robot is more evil than the Japanese firebreathing robots, hover tank robots and even their gay marriage pastor robots and hooker whore robots. These robots can learn endlessly and take over Earth if we do not shoot them down on site and nuke Japan in every facility that insists on making these death machines.

    If the idea of a learning robot is not bad enough, the Japanese have given this robot abilities that no one has a right to have. The robot can upload itself to www so it can even so what you are doing on your computer. It can leave messages on twitters and break into your home internet to trick your children like a myspace stranger, and entice them to come out into the open where it can abduct them or do any sort of evil programs to them. You can only imagine the sick, evil, twisted things the Japanese will program these robots to do, based on their anime pornograpy and fascination with the morbid.

    This robot is so advanced and evil that it can even see, walk, talks and do long division, easily!

    I call for all families to go on high alert and demand America tell the UN that this robot is banned in all countries, and whosoever shall break our edict shall be kicked out and cut off from the rest of the world. We will nuke whoever allows this robot into the Stone Age and hold its creators a tribunal for crimes against humanity.

    Let us look on the video and watch it with your entire family so you can all become more alarmed and scared, so you will be more inspired to demand the destruction of this new technological terror.

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