• Hillary Clinton Imbibes Satan Syrup on The Job!

    July 8, 2010 2:07 am 12 comments
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    Oh the horrror to think that America’s foremost office secretary, Hillary Clinton, was caught drinking on the job.

    Obama chose Bill Clinton’s wife, who served as homemaker and first lady during Bill Clinton’s shameful years in the White House, to be America’s leading secretary, which is called Secretary of the State.

    This is a very posh office assistant job that is even worthy of placing a man at the post, which most presidents choose to do since it involves being the personal secretary for the president. It is an actually important and necessary secretary job and we can see, the female Hillary Clinton has failed.

    Photo evidence!

    I sit here and wag my head in shame; I know you’re doing the same thing right now. What a sad, sad shame that this women is drinking what looks like some of Satan’s juices while she is on the job and even wearing what she’s trying to pass off as a lady’s dress.

    We should have known the wife of Bill Clinton would not have fallen too far from the tree. Adam fell because Eve decided to eat of the tree of sin and worship Satan scepters and disobey God, and we see, Clinton fell because Hillary Clinton does things like this. The cycle is always the same and when the wife falls, a man falls.

    This is why the husband must guide his wife and his children with a firm hand, but I digress.

    Shame on Hillary and I could only wish that when we impeach Obama, we could impeach Hillary for this as well and put a better secretary in there for that job. I bet she makes very lousy coffee.

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