• Hitler, Stalin and Obama: The League of Socialist Demagogues

    July 14, 2010 5:01 am 6 comments
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  • The world is in peril. Socialism is the most heinous and dangerous form of government. It is the greatest threat to mankind.

    Socialism is a system that prevails in even hell itself. It is a system of rule that puts down governing virtues of freedom, respect, honesty, humility before God and respect for the people, and instead, replaces it with cold communism and terror, the cardinal values of atheism.

    My friends, we are truly living in cruel days. Evil hours. Look upon this billboad we have helped sponsor. It proves the relation between Hitler, Obama and Stalin.

    Chilling and disturbing is the truth represented by our billboard ad above. The NAZI Germans hated freedom and it took a God blessed America to save the world from destruction.

    The cold grip of Stalin’s communist Russia put a death grip upon the lives of millions. The hands of Stalin are sullied with the blood of the innocent, much like Obama because he supports Democratic Socialism: the system of control by instilling fear in the public.

    Obama wants to control America through the healthcare system. He wants to make it legal for all people to get abortion.

    Obama seeks to prohibit anyone from medical rights by forcing them onto government health dependence, then whoever shall disagree with him shall perish and have no access to a quality life because he’ll restrict their medical card.

    Dear friends, Obama is a terrorist. He hates freedom and is a socialist. His middle name is Hussein and he tries to pretend he has no connections to the terrors of 9/11.

    Today, let us say no to terrorism by saying no to democrats. Only vote for Republicans in your local elections. Make God proud and serve your country.

    Let us remember in 2012, that a vote for Obama is a vote for Adolf Hitler. Let us remember that on D-Day, brave Americans gave their lives to save Earth from Satanic socialist tyranny.

    Why would you disrespect the sacrifices of the greatest generations. Why would you do a bodily function upon the grave of your loving grandfather or even great-grandfather?

    Oh my friends, let us return to be a Republican nation and vote for the GOP. Amen.

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