• Hospitals May Start to Legally Dispense Marijuana

    July 14, 2010 5:54 am 10 comments
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    Marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug that contributes to 34% of violent crimes in the US each year alone.

    Scientific studies show that marijuana is addictive and it serves as a gateway drug to hard substances such as meth, cocaine and even hedged magic mint.

    With these horrible facts in mind, it is mortifying to think that in the states which now allow ‘medicinal’ marijuana, hospitals are being considered as new points of marijuana delivery.

    The implications of such legislatino are enough to warrant that such an act be illegal, at a federal level.

    All hospitals would instantly become the targets of gang violence and urban warfare. Crowds of state assistance health care users would flood to the hospitals, demanding ‘treatment’ for their glaucoma and further destroying our nation’s economy and well-being.

    People would open illegal pot shops nationwide, claiming to be ‘pharmacists’.

    These things are all horrible and would be the result of forcing hospitals to dispense marijuana to any patient. It is a part of a liberal agenda to make Americans addicted to a lifestyle of government dependence and decadence.

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