• I Write Like a Bleseed Prophet, Pulitzer Journalist

    July 17, 2010 12:43 am 12 comments
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    Today in the office, we had reflection day. We were to reflect upon our life and our hobbies, finding the positives.

    I told everyone about my work in this ministry and shared some of my more inspired scribes with my colleagues. Hearts were touched.

    It is because God has blessed me to write like a holy prophet and also with the penmanship and skill of a Pulitzer journalist.

    It is only a matter of time before I am awarded such accolades for my work for the Lord and for the preservation of America and our Godly heritage.

    What I find in my works is passion. Passion is something needed in journalism and government. It is the human element.

    When evil angers me to the point that I jump up and down as I write, the readers are privy to that emotion and can feel what I am feeling. And when my heart is delighted, such are the wings of angels blowing a gentle breeze upon the faces of the readers. That is to say, my journalism is refreshing as a tender breeze from the wings of angels.

    Praise God for the skill he has given me and I will continue to glady share my talents.

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