• Iran Unveils New Terror Robot

    July 8, 2010 6:59 pm 7 comments
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    The day we have all feared is night upon us. The Iranians have created terror robot technology.

    As if it was not bad enough that the Japanese know how to make fire-breathing robots and even hooker demon robots, we now have the most dangerous people of all creating artificial life.

    Look into the soulless eyes of the Iranian robot up above, my friends. It is a creature from hell. Iranian terror leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the ‘walking’ robot that is ‘human-life’ will be used for “sensitive jobs”! I bet I know what they man by that: terror attacks.

    The first Iranian ‘human-like’ robot is seen at a conference centre in Tehran on July 3. Iran has developed the walking robot to use it for “sensitive jobs”.

    There is nothing more ‘sensitive’ to Iran than destroying our American freedoms and you can rest assured, that they will program their new robots to try to attack our way of life. Let us go ahead and nuke them before we are forced to destroy their little Iran warwards robots devil terror!

    Bomb them to the stone age. Iran is allowed to have no technology unless American ordains!

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