• James Hartline, The HIV-Positive Ex-Drug Addict Who Speaks Bible Prophecy

    July 16, 2010 5:51 pm 12 comments
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    When the 700 Club seeks answers about the latest trends in radical homosexuality, who do they turn to? When World Net Daily wants insight into the cultural wars destroying the moral foundation of our nation, where do they go? When Peter LaBarbera, head of AFTAH and one of America’s leading experts on the gay lifestyle, needs a hand who does he call? The man on every Evangelical’s rolodex is none other than James Hartline, an ex-con, ex-homosexual, ex-mental patient, ex-drug addict.

    His critics call him crazy. Locals call him a public nuisance. Politicians call him a “fringe wingnut.” Homosexual bloggers say he suffers from AIDS-related dementia, labeling him a “terminally ill, emotionally scarred, and mentally ill man.” Some have even gone so far as to accuse members of the Christian community of “enabling” his mental disorders. They say quoting James and promoting his ministry only furthers his sad delusional state. So why are these radical liberal groups so afraid of the truth that is James Hartline?

    As one recent news article notes, James Hartline has, “a credibility in the mainstream media that most Christian activists rarely achieve in today’s partisan world. Many Christian and secular media sources have taken note of the stand that James continues to make for righteousness.” That credibility comes from the thirty years he struggled with the homosexual lifestyle. Launched into gay perversion after he was exposed to his father’s secret stash of pornographic magazines (they were heterosexual porn magazines), he soon found himself spending many a night at the gay sex bathhouses. He became a hardcore drug addict and, under our liberal penal system, went in and out of jail many times. He was afflicted with HIV. Despite all of these things, James rose up from the depths of his suffering to embrace the healing love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is truly an unlikely man to become a Biblical scholar and prophet.

    stephenson billings on James Hartline

    Since surfacing from the jails, bathhouses and mental institutions, James Hartline has shown an uncanny ability to speak of the will of God. He has spoken out against the gay menace in his hometown of San Diego, California. He closed a B. Dalton Bookstore there for selling Playboy Magazine. He single-handedly led a successful campaign to bring down Brad Pitt because of his support of the homosexual agenda. He also exposed Satanism at Walt Disney and prayed deeply enough that Chicago lost the 2016 Summer Olympics. He has fought against everything from Gay Rodeos to public urination. He has tried to resolve the Gulf oil spill, noting that God will only clean up the sea after area residents renounce their occult ways and love of Harry Potter. He has even found Bible prophecy in the songs of Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

    But most profoundly, James wants to save his home state of California. “The more that homosexual activists press their battle in California, the more there will be great calamities in this state,” he has written. “God is saying, California shall be a refuge for America when the catastrophes come. California belongs to Me, not the advocates of sexual anarchy.” Earthquakes, wild fires, floods, Hollywood, is God not being explicit enough for Californians? Recently, a rash of rare bee sting attacks left San Diego scientists baffled. But James was quick with an answer, opining that “Nature responds with a stinging rebuke to gay pride.”

    It is important that we recognize and celebrate the great Christian thinkers today. James Hartline and his wondrous ability to speak God’s truth surely belongs on that list, as many Christian leaders have noted. The will of God, whether it’s expressed through fires and bees or oil spills and Stevie Wonder, is not something to be trifled with. For his helpful service, God has made James a special promise and in return, James simply asks that we heed his glorious prophecies:

    “I was involved in the homosexual lifestyle for over 30 years and the Lord delivered me from that sin several years ago. I am also believing that the Lord will heal me completely from AIDS. I am asking you to stand with me in prayer for us to take back the land from the devil and I will be standing with you, brother to brother, nation to nation, to see Jesus glorified in our world.”


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