• Judge Susan Bolton Illegally Blocks Part of Arizona Anti-Mexican Immigration Law

    July 29, 2010 12:53 pm 35 comments
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  • Any Mexican in America can be a potential illegal, therefore the State of Arizona has drafted laws to protect us from the presence of any illegal.

    The name of our country is America, not Mexico. America belongs to Americans, and we obtained this land by the will of God because it belongs to us. These facts are set out in our Declaration of Independence, the Monroe Doctrine and ensured by our American Constitution.

    So why is it that Mexicans think they are entitled to sneak here, get rights and even get jobs to support their large families? Why do they think they can bring their health problems here and get healthcare and free food, when there are Americans in need?

    They have no right and the Arizona law enforced what has always been a law here in America: No Mexicans! Get out illegals.

    The Arizona Law mirrored the desires of our leader, President Ronald Reagan, who by executive power ordered we follow our law and kick out any Mexicans we suspected as illegal, and give the proper ones a chance to register and pledge their allegiance to our God and country.

    Now a judge, a female; a liberal female, has violated the dying wishes of the greatest president in American history, the laws of Arizona and the Constitutional right of every American to kick out illegals. Judge Susan Bolton has not ‘remembered the Alamo’ and with pen in hand, symbolically dances upon the graves of our forefathers, who fought the violent Mexican hordes and drove them out of our states of Texas, California, Nevada and New Mexico.

    The Threat of Mexican Immigration

    Mexicans threaten the economy and well-being of America. During World War I, the Mexican Army agree to ally with Germany, promising to attack America from the South as German forces invaded from the East. Our allies in Britain revealed Mexico’s second veiled attempt, second to the Alamo on decades earlier, to steal our land and freedom from us. Mexico, along with Germany, sought to enslave America through direct force, but our blessed hand was too mighty for either nation and they fell before our power.

    Over the years, the power and luster of our nation continued to grow and Mexicans, lazy yet greedy, licked their chops and wanted a piece of the great American pie. Mexicans want the jobs forged by our centuries of hard work and labor. Our ‘Yankee Ingenuity’ and organization, our destire to be fruitful as ordered by God.

    Mexicans are only fruitful, but not even in the bounds of responsibility and marriage. By 2050, illegal Mexicans threaten to become the largest racial group IN AMERICA. These facts are troubling, and it is no coincidence that the more illegals that sneak here and even procreate here increase, the higher our debt.

    Mexicans started to sneak into America, in massive droves, right before the Great Depression. We went into a deep debt that only a Great War relieved. Now we see the same: America is over $13,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and it’s the illegal Mexicans that are of primary blame. More Mexicans, and to no surprise, we have great debt. Why Judge Susan Bolton would try to hinder our efforts to take back our nation and protect from becoming a large, dirty third-world nation is beyond all reason and responsibility.

    Judge Susan Bolton Blocks Part of Anti-Immigrant Law

    Judge Bolton seems to hold most issue with our right to ask any Mexican if they are legals and to show proof. I do not see the problem and any American should feel the same way.

    Even then, the law specifically stated that in such times as a traffic stop, a cop could ask a person who looks Mexican: “Show me some identification, sir”. If the Mexican could not supply the I.D., they would simply have to go down to the police station where everything could be neatly cleared up and they could get back along their way, perhaps even grabbing a coffee and refreshments while waiting to verify their information with our officers. There is no harm in that.

    Judge Bolton is trying to claim that the spirit of this law is unconstitutional and violates rights. That is not true. For one, Mexicans have no American rights. Mexicans are not Americans! Second, we all have a responsibility to serve our country in its time of need. A liberal, a man named John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    American-Mexicans must now make their due and contribute to our country. The Japanese made sacrifice during WWII and lived in internment resorts for their safety and for the good of America, as there was no knowing if they were true patriots or loyal to the Japanese-NAZI alliance. The blacks made their due before the Civil War and by the sacrifice of their ancestors, and great attrocities too, they forged the foundations of America and our strong mercantilism.

    Italians and Chinese labored in mines to build up our nation’s infrastructure, while Irish in New York braved tough conditions to build the sewage system and the skyscrapers of our nation’s premiere source of prestige and industrial might. Now in the light of all emigrant groups in America, and the sacrifices their ancestors have made, we simply ask American-Mexicans to do their part and answer a few simple questions, and they are up in arms and do not want to comply.

    War, attacking the Alamo, the Zimmerman telegram, economic burden, border drug wars, illegal immigration and even swine flu: it is time for American-Mexicans to atone and make a simple concession, a sacrifice for America. America is a melting pot and it is the duty for everyone in America to endure the necessary, discomfort, to ensure the safety and security of all Americans.

    Those who cannot make such a simple sacrifice for America, especially one as simple as proving that you belong here, need to get out of our country, because they do not have the heart or bona-fide spirit of a true American.

    Judge Susan Bolton’s logic is not sound and this is why people of a certain gender desposition have no good reason to have such a position. The is the same concern I had with Nancy Keegan and these women let liberal emotions get to them, instead of doing the right thing by law and tradition.

    This is our country, so let’s keep it that way. Arizona law needs to become national law, and we need to enforce our rights to keep America for Americans.

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