• Justin Bieber Hates North Koreans

    July 7, 2010 4:44 am 11 comments
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  • Since day one I told everyone, I says, “Everyone, that Justin Bieber is one fine childrens. He may be mislead but down in his heart, he is a good boy with potential to not be hellbound.”

    Well today Justin Bieber proved once more that he is a good boy. Justin Bieber hates the North Koreans.

    Being a well-rounded cosmopolitan man of culture, my daily foray into the worldwide headlines lead me to read this breaking headline no Pakistan News.

    The North Koreans love to hate America. They refuse to let us fly our drone planes over to document the progress of their third world, then even have the audacity to keep our media out from the country as if they have authority over an American business.

    Freedom of the press is a Constitutional right so North Korea is violating our Constitution, so therefore stand against humanity and God. If we had a true president in office, we would nuke them for treason.

    It is good to see young celebrities in Hollywood understand the danger of the vile Koreans of the North and how they do not love America.

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