• Kroger, My New Favorite Store with Coupons and Great Deals Dillons Shopper’s Card

    July 20, 2010 3:25 pm 2 comments
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  • Kroger is a great retail food company that you may have in your town. These stores go by many names: Kroger, Dillons, Bakers, Food 4 Less, King Soiopers, Fred Myers, Ralphs and even the Kwik Shop.

    Kroger is a great company for retail foods because it has great deals that you can find online. The deals sometimes even surpass the great Wal-mart.

    They have these things called Kroger/Dillons shopper cards, that when you scan them at the line you can get a discount on things like your Kroger Value Oats Bran or even a can of baked beans. It is more value for the way you live.

    If that was not enough, you can even go to their website at Kroger.com and load 100s of dollars with of coupons to your shopper card, and enjoy the value of ultimate savings while you go about your daily shopping routine.

    Barack Hussein Obama has created a very tough economy, so it is a blessing to have a store like Kroger that helps the common American everyman — people like you and me, and others like Republicans and even our good friend President George W. Bush — to save a penny in this disastrous economy created by Obama and his elite fatcat corporate buy-out friends.

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