• Lady Gaga: A Picture Expose

    July 27, 2010 8:15 pm 18 comments
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  • For months now, many of us in the media circuit have speculated upon a touchy subject: is Lady Gaga a true female or a hidden male?

    While the question may seem trivial and inconsequential, rest assured, it is not. Lady Gaga’s first single releases, Just Dance and Poker Face, have surpassed an astounding 5 million in sales. Lady Gaga is the first artist of the ‘digital age’ to achieve such feats. And those feats are just for single releases.

    Gaga continues to draw crowds of thousands upon thousands of flocking teens, while millions more nationwide continue to buy albums, watch appearances on television and attend concerts. The influence and cultural relevance of Lady Gaga is nothing to take lightly.

    For this reason, the sexuality of Lady Gaga must be of paramount concern for parents. Teenage children are impressionable, and Lady Gaga’s key demographic is the 16 – 24 year-old cohort. The median range of this group are volatile and experiencing body changes in life, and therefore, the sexuality of those they hold in high esteem can and in many cases, will influence their development.

    If children believe Lady Gaga may be a man, who masquerades as a woman, they will develop non normative thoughts about sexuality. They may start to feel confused to see Lady Gaga’s body as an attractive, curvy woman, when in reality they are uncertain if Lady Gaga is truly male or female.

    Some friends in Texas, primarily Brother Don, invited Lady Gaga to a local 1290 meeting and afterward, they took pictures. What we were really trying to find out is if she is male or female based on first hand inspection. The results? Just an image and Brother Don really could not tell for certain.

    Is Lady Gaga a male or female? The jury is still out on that one and we will continue to look into the matter. But there is one certain fact, and that is that Lady Gaga demands great influence on pop culture, and for this reason, we should be mindful that we keep our children away from this person’s music until we can know for sure that it is being produced by a person who fits a normal trend in sexuality.

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