• Larissa Riquelme Threatens to Expose Her Milksacks Breastes Nude Naked If Paraguay Wins World Cup

    July 1, 2010 7:05 pm 24 comments
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  • Alert! Alert!

    A Paraguay model named Larissa Riquelme has threatened to expose her milksacks breastes and whonannies for all to see shall her team Paraguay win the World Cup.

    For weeks now I have warned everyone about this Satanic competition of soccer!

    Soccer is a boring game that is popular in third world countries like Mexico, England and Africa. Men run around a huge field a kick the ball into a net. It is rare to see one point scored. Boring!

    And the referees cheat. America decided to send a team this year but we eventually lost because the Americans, accustomed to more fun games and more rational games, just lost interest. We just got bored and forfeited.

    Well, the dirties in the lesser nation make soccer a religion. To spice it up, they drink and get into fights, then have their women strip and have sinful orgies on the field and such.

    So we should not be surprised to discover a famous South Mexican named Larissa Riquilme from Paraguay has threatened to expose her naked body for us all to see if her team wins! All the jungle wilds on that team are being inspired by her sin and the World Cup broadcasts will not censor her should she make good on her threat! I’m outraged!

    Just imagine the horror of sitting at home, shaking your head in disgust as the soccer game is on your tv and you just peek to see how the lesser countries spend all their free time. It will probably be Paraguay versus the Germans.

    Paraguay wins on a last second goal, and WITH NO WARNING, BREASTS! MILKSACKS JUGGLES! Whonannies exposed!

    That is their plan, to just suddenly expose this women’s exposed body for all to see so men, wives and even children get a taste of Paraguay sin treats and will be enticed to watch more soccer due to Satanic thoughts fornicated sins.

    My friends, we must just go ahead and ban Paraguay from soccer. The King of Nigeria banned the Nigerians from the game, so we should use our authority as America and go ahead and ban more teams to such as Paraguay, so this has no risk of happening.

    Look at this nasty women and these sample photos. Who in their right mind would want to be exposed to all her in all her naked exposed sin. It makes me sick to think what Satan will do to try to entice people, so he can go ahead and RSVP them a room in hell.

    Mugshot A: Larissia Riquelme Wants to Show Your Her Naked Sins!

    In this image above, I have pictured the culprit for you all to see. Note that she wants to remove her clothing and then expose your children to her milks, so they will associate it with the treats they get at lunch and be enticed to 1) support illegal Mexicans 2) think soccer is cool 3) Google search her on the internet so she can become more famous.

    Evidence B:

    In this image, you can see she is already tempted to expose herself for this picture. Satan is sitting there, invisbly whispering in her ears, “Show off your bubble stacks.” She uncontrollably reaches for her top, and I thank the Lord that this image was not taken just seconds later because so much sin would have spread and so many burned in hell for exposure and no morality to tell their sinful thoughts to go away.

    Evidence C

    Notice how the fans find it normal for a woman to wear flooze tops such as the one she has one here. Paraguay is a sinful nation that has loose moral and this photo proves it. Her mouth also just looks sinful in this picture.

    Evidence D

    She knows that I and my fellow journalists would expose these sins and therefore I think she’s trying to mock our Lord in this picture. Notice how she is doing a Jesus cross pose and kind of laughing with delight just like atheists do every day.

    I hope all atheists know that in hell’s last census, the number one listed profession was ‘atheist’.

    All atheists shall burn in hell so repent brainwashed whores of Satan who believe in ‘no God’ (A=No, Theism=God).

    Evidence E

    I think she is somehow getting exited as if she’s being twiddled by a satan scepter here. That look in her eyes says naught and “I want more Satan!” I know what’s at play here and the devil is tickling her fancy! No exposing your body naked women!

    Evidence F

    I knewed it. Satan secretly tickles fancies and then a big relaxed smile. Friends, Satan tries to make you feel comfortable with sin.

    That way, when you least expect it, your sins lead you straight to hell where you will burn with communist Soviets, liberal atheists, abortionists and so on. These muckers will all weep and cry together, so why not ruin Satan’s day by not doing his bidding and becoming his prostitute?


    Evidence G:

    This one almost missed my review but after raking through these surveillance images, I found a sly agenda. Above you see she has pulled her top down just enough to try to secretly entice these images which now reach over 200 countries and some places in Africa and Mexico.

    The most sinful portion of these image media occurs on the pixels atop her exposed milksacks, proximal to her cephalic region. You can see what is her saucerdips are exposed, just the top portion of them. They are a darker brown than the milksacks and this subliminal attack is meant to make men and children filled with confused sins of unknown origins.

    I have caught this subliminal message and please insure that your colleagues/associates are aware of it too, especially in this image as the fornicating agenda was very sly but God gave me the attention to detail to catch it so I could warn you on what was going on here.

    Evidence H

    Here she exposed her full open mouth, which is not very lady-like.

    Evidence I

    Here is probably around the time when I was alerted and something told me to just start praying. I prayed against Paraguay and their soccer team. I knew not why I was doing so, but something inside of me just kept saying, it says, “Pray against the success of Paraguay soccer and then pray all devilwhores in sin become sad and blue like the midnight ocean.”

    I prayed for these things and as you can see, the power of my prayer prophecy worked because she went from happy in sin to depressed and blue with shame and tearing down of sinful kingdoms with prayer power.

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