• Liberal Media Continues to Attack Justin Bieber, Now Claim “Justin Bieber Molests A Fan”

    July 26, 2010 10:22 am 6 comments
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    Why is the liberal media so low? Why must they launch all these attacks against good Americans such as Justin Bieber?

    It pains my heart to see all these fake headlines the liberal media is publishing against Mr. Bieber as of late. This newest one, “Justin Bieber Molests A Fan” is just another in a long list of lies fabricated by none other than liberal spin machines.

    These are the same tactics liberals used on our President George W. Bush. The liberal media tried to convince everyone that President Bush was a bad man. On MSNBC, Olbermann used to commit treason by railing on President Bush each and every day, even as our dear president lead our nation and our troops headfirst against the war on terror.

    They tried to tarnish the good, steadfast name of President George Bush because he loves freedom, as every American should. Now we see that just because Justin Bieber supports the removal of North Korea from the map, the liberal media tries to protect their socialist friends with all these lies.

    My friends, sure, Justin Bieber has made his mistakes, but really, he is still but a child. He does not deserve the liberal media making up all these ridiculous headlines about him. It is below the calling of a journalist and shame to all who claim such things as true.

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