• Liberals Accuse Andrew Breitbart of Defaming Some Person

    July 21, 2010 12:01 am 3 comments
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    The mean liberals are on the prowl and attacking good men once again, this time as they attack American media outlet Bretibart.com.

    Breitbart is a great source for news. It gives factual information about the pertinent events of today. How sad that liberals would want to destroy the perception of such a great site with their petty accusations against Andrew Breitbart, the owner of the organization.

    Liberals are purportedly alleging that Breitbart defamed some person and are using video evidence as their proof. Who said it isn’t doctored?

    We should know that liberals will stoop to any low to attack decent media companies. Just like terrorists, they have no means to fight a proper organization, so they resort to guerrilla warfare and tactics.

    These liberals probably conspired and set-up Breitbart to take a fall and are now using the liberal courts, Obama and Nancy Keegan to try to take down real news groups one by one.

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