• Liberals Release “15 Gayest Pictures of the Pope” Smear Campaign

    July 27, 2010 2:06 pm 49 comments
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  • When Christ walked the Earth, he made it a point to recruit those who would serve us leaders and teachers after he sacrificed himself on Calvary, for the sake of all mankind. Christ did this so that his love would allow us to repent of our sins, and have everlasting life. Christ wanted leaders of mankind to go out and spread the good news of faith in him, and made an example of the apostles.

    God still grants us great leaders among men: our priests, pastors and preachers are ordained by God to oversee his flock and make sure none are lead astray by the veil wolves of Satan.

    Perhaps the greatest of all God’s chosen leaders upon Earth is the Pope, elected by a holy process to ensure resolute faith and wisdom of what is needed by the church and its people. Pope Benedict XVI, Ratzinger of Bavaria, is God’s new chosen leader of the Catholic faith.

    It stands to reason that Satan hates Pope Benedict and therefore, has compelled the hearts of his lie-beral hordes to do one thing: lie. And yes, lie-berals, because that is a more accurate name for the Democratic left wing and their radical propaganda methods of deception against our nation and our nation’s Godly heritage.

    It pains my hearts to see what lengths these vile people will go through to smear and tarnish the name of the Church and the Pope. It riles my anger to great ends to see how these foul people will create attrocities such as ‘Zombie Jesus Pictuers” and even make gross blanket accusations against all men of the cloth.

    In the following pictures, liberals sent these to me to try to upset and foul up my day. They titled it the ’15 Gayest Pictures of the Pope” and are publishing these images is myriad publications, having little atheist orgies of celebration as they laugh and take the Pope’s name and image in vain. I hope they know the penance for their sins may just be burning in hell for all time.

    Please, before reviewing these these images and the gross misrepresentation liberals are trying to take by construing them under the context of the gay agenda, order your wife and children to leave the room before reviewing. Please also pray for the souls and minds of anyone who would find these offensive campaigns against the Pope to be funny, as their place for all eternity will be under the steams pitchforks of Satan’s lieutenants in the torture chambers of Hell.

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  • In the prior image, they try to misconstrue the simple act of paying reverence as some sort of representation of a latent gay agenda.  This is sickening and God does not find making light of such an innocent, holy act of respect to be amusing.  Hell awaits anyone who would spread this image under false context, all to try to garner some laughs and disrespect for our nation’s Lord and Savior.

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  • In this image, it shows the diversity of world culture as the Pope greets another leader in a very standard manner.   This is no different than two people shaking hands here in America.  It shows a glaring lack of respect of world cultures in that the liberals would even try to represent this image as anything but a greeting.  Atheists wonder why their numbers are declining and their sick views become more fringe everyday, and it is this flagrant disrespect and misrepresentation of reality that assures them their place in hell’s psych ward.  These people need to get delivered.

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  • Here they take this photo out of context, to make it seem the Pope is lusting after a phallic object.  Even in the offensive email we received, they put an extra emphasis on this one and I will not repeat the phrasing, as it is just too nasty and very offensive. 

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  • Once again, this is just as normal as shaking hands and does not mean that the Pope in any way supports the homo-gay agenda.

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  • The symbolism of the Pope’s robe ties into the rich history and tradition of the Church.  Idiot deceivers, as warned in the Bible, try to misconstrue the nature of the Pope’s holy garments and put them into the context of being more of a flailed dress.   These people dared call the Pope a ‘nancy’ in this photograph, and if I were Christ, for that I would block their way to heaven and hold  them face-first in a pit of lava as their sulfur soaked lungs tried to yelp in pain, but nothing but fiery agony filled their entire body.  Liberals are fortunate that I am not God and our God is kind and merciful, slow to wrath and patient with them, but the day comes when his patience will be spent and his wrath unleashed against offensive things such as this. 

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  • For those of you who have ever travelled to Italy, one of the first things you notice is that men commonly wear shades of salmon pink.  This style is very fashionable and is seen quite often in styled, fitted dress shirts as well as head garb.  The Pope is wearing a sun hat here, to protect his skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays on a very bright day.  The color of the hat is the norm in Italy, so again, it shows how backwoods Americans who have nothing but hate in their heart tend to have a lack of respect for worldwide cultures.

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  • Here we see a great image, with two men of God walking side-by-side, ready to lead the world by the unction and direction of our Lord.  This image is remniscent of when two other of God’s chosen people, Pope John Paul II and our beloved President Ronald Reagan, joined forces to overthrow Soviet communism and cause the fall of the atheist empire, the USSR.

    So it stands to reason that atheists hate this image.   Once again, Church and State meet to discuss how to deliver the world from the influence of Satan and there could be no better two men chosen for the job.  The Pope’s shoes, which the atheists are trying to make look odd in this photograph, are again very common in Italy and represent global diversity.

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  • For God so loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting Life.  John 3:16

    The wonders of Christ are many and his everlasting love true.  God gave us his only Son, so that we may be forgiven of our sins and have eternal life.  Isn’t it wonderful, that the King of all would make such a sacrifice for you and me?

    In this image, we see the Holy Communion — our reminder of the flesh and blood of Christ that paid the price for our sins, so that we may enter heaven — being performed by the Pope and an elevated parishioner to the Church proper.  To even sully this act with misrespresentation must be the most grave of sins, punishable by an eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth.


    In the Bible, Christ told us to follow his example.  One of the trademark aspects of Christ is that despite being our Lord and Savior, he was humble.  Instead of ruling mankind with force and imtimidation, he humbled himself and served us with suffering as we do.  He humbled himself by being patient with those who did not have faith in him.

    Christ humbled himself by making company with those who needed the most saving, walking amonst the crowds and even taking to his hands and knees to wash the feet of others.  Here we see a reminder of the humility and servitude, key elements of true faith and leadership, being practiced.  ‘Foot cleansing’ ceremonies are to remind us that despite our station in life, we should always love and respect our fellow man.  In the Kingdom of Christ, there is no being ‘higher’ or ‘lower’.   It is not an Indian ‘caste system’.  Before Christ, we are all equal in the brotherhood of man.

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  • Here you can see they are just running out of ammo.  There is nothing to even misrespresent in this photo and it just stands to represent the petty, childish nature of liberals.

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  • The Pope is simply posturing and speaking towards the Heavens, prepared to lead and advise his flock under the direction of God.

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  • Here the Pope waves to the crowd, most likely with a child catching his eye and garnering a more sympathetic, playful wave.  This does not mean the Pope is dainty or gay.  This is just another ploy of the liberal media to tarnish the Pope’s reputation by taking images out of context.

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  • Here the Pope follows Christ’s example of humility by laying prostate before God in prayer.  Only gay atheists and their Satanic ilk would see anything more than that in this neat picture of prayer and meditation.

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  • Pope Benedict is simply motioning his hands.  The atheist paparazi have nothing better to do than take images of the Pope, then spread them in their liberal publications all in efforts to make it seem there is a rampant problem of hidden gay priests in churches, and that even the Pope is a veiled miscreant gay.  This is all a part of their agenda to trick people by the instrument of FEAR so that they will not have their family and children go to Church.  What a relief to know people can see past their left wing agenda to weaken the numbers of the church through such acts of subterfuge.

    God has not given us the spirit of fear.  But he has given unto us, the spirit of love, the spirit of power, the spirit of hope and a sound mind.

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  • What sick people these atheists must be, to ‘photoshop’ manipulate a picture of the Pope with fake make-up, then try to release it as if it were an actual photograph.  This final photograph sums up their agenda and habits.
  • My friends, there is a great war taking place for the hearts and minds of those who are not in the Faith.  Satan works tirelessly, meticulously, to deceive the minds of those who still need to be delivered from their lifestyle of sin.  Images such as these and ones where Atheists Continue To Disrespect Easter with Zombie Jesus Jokes, Photographic Sacrilege stand to turn people away from the lifestyle they deserve and need.

    For those who insist on creating such smear campaigns, you are doing the work of Satan.  Know your soul will be convicted as guilty if you do not repent of your sins and use your abilitiers to lead people to Christ, not to Satan.  Know that hell always has a vacancy and your room is reserved if you keep these antics.  Peace be unto those of the faith during this time and let us pray for the continued deliverance of those in sin to be delivered from the shadows and into the glory of heaven’s light and Christ’s love.

    -Pastor Jack Gould

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