• Lies of Evolution: Scientists Now Create Zedonk for Their Agenda

    July 29, 2010 10:55 am 41 comments
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    Pat Heinkel

    DAHLONEGA, GA – Scientists in rural Georgia have created a zedonk, an unnatural cross between a zebra and a donkey. This renegade to natural breeding is being housed at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve down in Dahlonega, all after being born at the same place over a week ago. The animal is attracting widespread attention.

    The zedonk has a zebra father and a donkey mother. A zebra and a donkey are of seperate species, and therefore, not intended to mate with one another. The ethical implications of supporting and encouraging inter-species mating and breeding are without bound.

    The animal’s zebra coding is prominently displayed, phenotypically, upon the legs and her face. In terms of behavior, the foal displays a zebra-like mentality, according to the preserve’s manager, C.W. Wathen.

    When resting, the zebra will still sit-up and remain perked up, as if keeping an ear and nose for predators. These habits are necessary for zebras, who must remain on guard and be prepared to flee from large predatory cats that hunt upon their natural biome.

    This animal has been created by evolutionists, in efforts to convince people that inter-species mating and production of animals is very natural and fine. They are trying to convince humans that we descend from monkeys, that a primative man took a primative chimpazee hominid female for a mate, which lead to modern humans and our similar genetic coding to chimpazees and lemurs.

    These thoughts are not warranted and are hardly scientific and without measure. Also, such thoughts give perverted individuals grounds to lobby for legal breeding and mating between any and all species, including humans. Such legalization would be a gross tragedy for mankind.

    So the agenda once more is clear and as usual, short-sighted evolutionists will stop at no ends to get their ridiculous school of thought accepted as mainstream. Remember to reject these teachings and know that all we need to know about our origins is presented as fact in the Bible. All we need to know about science is point-forward, testable now and not bound to random asinine theories that cannot ever be tangibly tested and therefore not scientifically proven.

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