• Mel Gibson Politely Corrects Ex-Girlfriend for Nasty Behavior

    July 14, 2010 5:42 am 7 comments
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    My friends, please open your Bibles. Please find Ephesians 5:22-24 and read it to yourself and meditate upon the words. When you finish, say Amen and then open your heart so God can help fill it with understanding in today’s lesson in social culture and modern lifestyle.

    Our good friend Mel Gibson, an upstanding Catholic, was recently offended by his former girlfriend, named Oksana. Oksana offended Mel Gibson so much that she lost status as his pre-status wife and is now purportedly an ex-pre-status wife.

    It is no wonder if the allegations Mel made are true. It is a great sin for a woman to enhance her mammalian ludicrosities with the unnatural silicone implants that man has used to knowledge of evil to create.

    Implants are meant to draw attention to the busoms of a woman and entice the spirit of lust. They are meant to draw attention to the voloptuous folds of a woman to only lead to sensations of sin.

    Mel Gibson noticed his ex-wife has committed such sins and more and will only draw attention from dark packs of ravenous wolves.

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