• Mexican Man Caught Smuggling 18 Titi Monkeys, Under His Shirt

    July 20, 2010 3:33 pm 3 comments
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    Our friends at the BBC report that a man was caught trying to smuggle 18 titi monkeys under the hems of his shirt. Tragic.

    Animals are not toys or playthings: they are unique and deserve to live in their natural habitat. If is very dangerous to remove such exotic creatures from their native environment and introduce them into a new, especially via a dangerous black market.

    My heart is saddened to see the facts of this case and to know that every year, millions of animals are removed from their natural homes and environments and smuggled throughout the world for sinister ends.

    Let us hope and pray that these monkeys return home safely and the Peruvian authorities who caught this man serve him with a very grievous punishment and keep him in his native country as well and not here out of his native country where it is Americans and not illegals who belong.

    Even here, we have the same thing going on when truckers try to sneak illegals here in their trucks and perhaps even under very large cloths. We must be like our good friends in Arizona and protest all illegal shipments and help return animals back to their natural environment and not where they do not belong GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY ILLEGALS.

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