• Nasty Muslim Sex Tape: Terrorists Outraged, Police Raid Schools, Celeb Faces 12 Years in Jail

    July 10, 2010 9:19 pm 22 comments
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  • Ariel Irham Luna Maya sex tape

    A disturbing pornographic video featuring a threesome of young Muslim celebrities has turned into a national crisis. An extremist group called the Islamic Defenders Front is demanding that all those involved be publicly stoned or caned to death. Police have raided schools and set up motorbike checkpoints, examining people’s cellphones for copies of the degenerate video (700 students caught so far). And now Ariel Irham, the boy featured in the porn, has turned himself in to the National Police. Irham is a 26-year old pop idol, the lead performer in the hugely successful band Peterpan. He faces 12 years in jail and a $680,000 fine if convicted of violating a 2008 anti-pornography law prohibitting, “bodily movements that could incite lust.”

    The crisis sounds like something that should be happening in the United States, but the country with the gumption to enforce traditional morality in this case happens to be Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation on the planet. The tapes emerged on the internet only recently and show Mr. Irham engaged in hardcore sex acts including a long sodomy session with 26-year old model and TV host Luna Maya. Also included in the illegal intercourse is Cut Tari, a 32-year old female celebrity who also happens to be married. Under Indonesian law, Mrs. Tari could be sent to jail for nine months for reckless adultery.

    On Tuesday, over 1,000 Muslim terrorists protested in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta demanding the stars be put to death. Habib Salim bin Umar Alatas, chairman of the terrorist group Islamic Defenders Front told the AFP news organization, “If police fail to arrest them, we will locate their houses and drag them to the police headquarters for detention.” The group is notorious in Southeast Asia for their deadly attacks on liberals, transsexuals and discos. Ironically enough, sex tourism is one of Indonesia’s biggest industries and the country ranks second only to Thailand in the variety of nefarious sexual services offered by its populace, from inner-city underage prostitutes to male sex slaves at luxurious beach resorts.

    Ariel Irham Luna Maya sex tape

    Shortly after the death threats and protests, both Luna Maya and Cut Tari were taken into police custody, “for their own protection” according to Brig. Gen. Musaddeq Ishaq. In a scene surely reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s phallus exam during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, all three celebrities were closely examined and photographed in the nude by police to see if their bodies matched up with the visual representations in the video. Ms. Luna even went so far as to have a dolphin tattoo removed from her private parts (see “Luna Removes Tattoo”) in an effort to thwart any identification by the authorities. The dolphin is clearly seen in one long and outrageous section of the film, where the stars engage in some very unorthodox sexual positions complete with loud moaning and groaning and numerous close ups. (Christwire is refraining from providing a link to the video out of respect for our devout readers.)

    One question investigators have yet to answer is who filmed the porn. It appears there may have been an additional person present, possibly a voyeur or some paid servant who zooms in and out on the various male and female genitalia members with professional precision. This person could be charged or given immunity to testify as a state’s witness. Secondly, do any of the weird and untraditional positions violate the law? Anal intercourse is indeed against the laws of Islam and the stars could be prosecuted for that. The other positions require further examination by authorities.

    A larger question for the outside observer is how this enforcement of morality would work in a country where porn and unorthodox sexuality is far too commonplace. Would anti-pornography and anti-adultery laws help stop immorality and crime in the United States? Should we hold our celebrities to a higher moral code and imprison them for corrupting our youth with drugs, homosexuality and disease? Have we fallen too far as a Christian nation to stem the tide of the filth that we gag on daily? Or is there hope that we can rise above this and return to a time when sodomy was illegal, homosexuality was dealt with by doctors and intercourse was reserved to marriage? In a era where a national crisis of pornography, sex addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, broken marriages, crack babies and male-on-male penetration have become all too common, maybe we should take this small lesson from the Muslims: there are times when the safety and spiritual health of the community trumps narrowly-defined legalistic freedoms.

    “Perfection of moral virtue does not wholly take away the passions, but regulates them.” –Saint Thomas Aquinas.


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