• NBA Shaq Oneal Tries to Woo Justin Bieber With “Justin I Love You” Agenda Love Songs

    July 28, 2010 8:38 am 7 comments
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  • Today as I searched YouTube for more videos to warn everyone about today, there is nothing that could prepare my heart for the shock of the following. It is unexpected and it is raw!

    A giant NBA man, who may stand bigger than even the Philestine Goliath, sings a gay agenda love song to Justin Bieber! The man’s name is apparently Shaquille Oneal and has named the song “Justin I Love You.”

    How sick that Hollywood is so desperate to scare Justin into the wrong choices in life, they now even send giants after him to try to scare him into the most sick and depraved of lifestyles! They think he will be scared but little do they know that every day, millions of us pray for this little potential sin-child.

    Satan thinks he has his clutches upon Bieber, but by the power of God we will deliever him from such things and make him unto a great Christian artist who uses his styled hair and potential worship leader voice to win over souls for Christ.

    This video is truly disturbing and a standing testament to the sick things this child must face on a day-to-day basis. It is flagrant and shocking. It riles the hearts of parents worldwide. WARNING: The following video contains secret tactics of a celebrity singing a gay agenda love song to a child named Justin Bieber and the song is titled “Justin I Love You”. There is nothing sweet about this song and after praying for Justin Bieber with your family, demand your wife and children to leave the room while you watch this video to condemn it and this Shaq Oneal for trying to corrupt the innocent with such nasty words and music.

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