• Obama Announces His Own Dollar Currency

    July 17, 2010 12:53 am 14 comments
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  • In an unprecedented display of abused power, Barack Hussein Obama today unleased his own currency.

    This action is not only unConstitutional, but is no better than what pre-NAZI Germany did to their deutch dollar during WW2.

    The new bill, called the ObamaMark, is the equivalent of $44. The microchip fibers in the bill are denoted by 666, perhaps making this bill a mark of the beast.

    Even the mother’s at Mother’s Logic have looked into this scary trend and I would like to add to this, my findings.

    If you turn in your Bible to the fourth book, you will notice it is the book of Numbers. It contains 1,288 verses, or a bit more simply, 400 + 400 + 400 + 44 +44 verses. The number from that is 44 times more less shorter than 3 x 444, or, 666 + 666.

    From this simple math exercise, you can see Obama is communicating to us, twice for clarity, that he is afflicted with the Mark of the Beast.

    My proof is infallible as it uses the proofs of maths.

    Now, Obama believes that by printing out millions of these bills, he will not only solve America’s economic crisis, but also be seen as a living presidential legend and icon. He think he will be unto a false Egyptian pharoah god-king.

    What Obama does not realize is that by printing out this currency, he will cause massive inflation and put the coup-de-grac to America. Perhaps this is what Obama and his sultan sheik overlords have aimed for all along.

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