• Obama Charges $30,000 To Attend His Birthday Party

    July 26, 2010 1:37 am 3 comments
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    One of the most tragic occurrences of today’s time is the incidence of popularity contests. It is a sad, tragic shame to know the pressures of teenage life oft revolves around such things. So how sad is it to know that ‘president’ Barack Hussein Obama is throwing a birthday party and guess how much it costs for anyone to attend? $30,000!

    Perhaps to rich elite democrats like Obama and company, $30,000 is not a lot of money. But to good, hard-working Americans like you and me, it is definitely a good amount of money. To think that these people have so much money to throw-away on something as trivial as attending a birthday party is repulsive.

    Obama will probably use all that money from his rich friends to buy his wife some more $1,000 shoes or more accessories from his spoiled children.

    All this while American college students struggle with their loans and American families lose their homes because they cannot keep up with their mortgage, Obama and his friends throw around $30,000 checks on birthdy parties like it is nothing, then charge us 40% of our income on taxes.

    Reading such things is so hard on the heart,but on a brighter note, at least with every birthday of Obama we are one year closer to 2012 when America will wake up and vote for a real man of the people, someone who is in touch with reality.

    So happy birthday, Obama, and for your birthday I wish you a happy and swift retirement out of our White House and out of politics.

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