• Obama Creates Scary New “Big Brother” Perfect Citizen Internet

    July 8, 2010 1:29 am 15 comments
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  • Barack HUSSEIN Obama has once again violated our American Constitution. Hussein Obama has violated our rights to privacy by creating a scary new big brother internet program called Perfect Citizen.

    Here is the logo Obama has created to go with the program to the left. He uses symbolism in this logo to let us know what this program is all about and how it is created to persecute every true American and those who are 1) loyal to our country 2) love freedom and therefore are GOP 3) Christian.

    Below the eagle, please first notice there is a bolt of lightning. This symbolizes Obama’s belief in false Arab Muslim gods of ancient such as Alham, Zeus and even Ba’al. These are all false gods that the Arabs worshipped at some point and Obama is trying to use one of their many symbols, the lightning bolt, as if it were the foundation for America, represented by the eagle.

    What Obama forgets that America is one nation under God. The lightning also symbolizes that the internet is powered by electricity and by the electrical currents, the internet ‘signals’ can be transmitted to all computers on Earth that America allows to access the internet, though some like Chinese Korean communists and reserve Africa somehow manage to sneak on there.

    Now please notice the two swords, that are interlocked. This is meant to intimidate all who are not “Perfect Citizens”, according to Obama. If you do not support 1) terror 2) atheists (i.e., anarchists against America) 3) the gays 4) terrors and even more, you will be put on Obama’s ‘Not Perfect Citizens” list and removed from his “Perfect Citizens” list.

    I thought Obama would be a bit more mature than this. Here we are, with a president who claims to be a Harvard man, and yet he is still making popularity lists and giving people grades based on if they agree with his hellbound policy or not. It is a disgrace.

    Finally on his little logo, we see the coup de grac, the deathblow of this program and why it is not Constitutional. We see a key on the bottom, meaning he is going to lock out anyone who does not agree with his policy. He will block everyone who disagrees with him from the internet.

    Did you know only last week, Obama signed into law a provision which gives him the power to ‘shut down’ the internet whenever he pleases?

    This is a cruel abuse of his executive office and I for one call for the Supreme Court to go ahead an initiate the impeachment proceedings, as Obama internet law is not Constitution and therefore stands against every American and therefore against God.

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