• Outrage As Latino Playboy Magazine Depicts Peeping Jesus With Naked Lesbian Hookers

    July 9, 2010 5:38 pm 51 comments
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  • playboy jesus offends christians

    International filth purveyor Playboy Magazine crossed a very dangerous and sacred line this month when it released an issue containing images of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior to billions of people across the globe, in disgusting and explicit situations with naked females. The photo spread, including a foldout center fold, show a gloriously gowned Jesus cavorting with bare-chested women (and worse) in intimate situations. This is clearly a violation of all the things Christians hold sacred and falls far beyond the lines of religious commentary. The work is repulsive, disgusting, offensive and wrong. It shows just how low the Europeans have sunk (this is the Portuguese edition of the magazine). The extreme degrees of socialism that have taken hold in Europe despite record unemployment and crime rates, the increased spread of hardcore homosexuality (Portugal now protects “homosexual” marriage under governmental law) and the continual attacks on religious freedom truly make one wonder if the United States is the last bastion of pure and dedicated faith in this world, despite Mr. Obama’s attempts to put us on par with the worst excesses of European socialism, including the health care debacle.

    Playboy ran the series of photo shots in celebration of notorious author Josse Saramago who died in June. Saramago is the author of such profane works as “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ,” a sacrilegious and crudely-written attack on the great traditions of Christian humanism. Saramago, in the vein of dilettante communists everywhere (yes, he was a card-carrying member of the party), imagined Jesus as a flawed and simple man ripped apart by daily lusts and physical release. He sees Jesus not as the Son of God who died for your sins, but as some broken down bohemian with a knack for getting himself in humorous situations (imagine Jesus on the Jewish comedy show, “Seinfeld”). The book was an outrage when it was published in 1991 and still stings today. Christians everywhere should avoid Portuguese literature for the sake of their families and their love of our Lord God.

    playboy jesus offends christians

    The actual photos are too horrific to imagine and thankfully, due to pressure from the world’s motivated Christian groups, Playboy has been forced to close down the Portuguese edition of their porno magazine abomination. In one shot, Jesus looks on lustfully as two Lesbian bare-chested females rub hard against each other. In another, a street prostitute beckons Jesus into a dark alley for a quick release against a grimy castle wall. In none of the photos does Jesus himself disrobe or strip down to a simple wrap-around loin cloth, though he is played by a handsome fellow whose long hair and lithe looks would befit a more honorable incarnation of our Jesus, possibly in a religious calendar.

    Please remember that pornography is not a benign part of our world today. It is a drug as dangerous as heroin. It is invading our communities and the privacy of our homes via the computer every second of every day. Addiction to pornography has destroyed marriages, ruined many a man’s understanding of monogamy, pushed many a woman into lesbianism, prostitution and death and has ushered in an unimaginable era of extreme sexual perversion including the homosexualization of America’s male youth. In addition, studies have shown that blockbuster rates of masturbation are putting our citizen’s health at risk and hurting this nation’s productivity. Internet and magazine porn tempts our children away from traditional family values and into a dark world of group orgies, sadomasochistic sex, drug addiction and other hardcore homosexual encounters. There can be no doubt that if you have children, you need to step into their lives and keep them porn free to save them from a life of unhappy homosexuality and fruitless sexual release.

    “If a man looks on a woman to lust after her, he has committed adultery with her already in his heart.” –Matthew 5:28.


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