• Pastor Strinemann Speaks in Tongues To Ward Of Evil Gays

    July 20, 2010 5:18 pm 5 comments
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    Satan loves a cheerful sinner, so there is nothing more that sets a frown to God’s face than seeing a gaggle of frocked gays frolkcing about two adn fro, jolly with their lifestyle of sugar-plummed sins.

    Gays these days are too confident and proud of their fecal sins. They grin with delight as they hold hands and walk down the streets, dreaming about how they can find new ways to badger each other’s devilholes and then try to convince young children that this is normal.

    Demand your wife and children leave the room before viewing the following video.  Pray and then pray some more that God casts all gays into the deepest recesses of hell.

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