• Pepco Power Outage, Pepsi Supporting Gay Marriage To Blame?

    July 26, 2010 10:30 am 1 comment
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    Pepco has now tasted the the wrath of God for supporting gay marriage. Several months ago, we all frowned our faces in disappointment as we found even Pepsi effervescently fizzing with the foul support of gay marriage.

    Pepco and Pepsico are similar enough in name so that we can draw a reasonable association as to the sign that God is sending with this one. God’s wrath was so angry and blinded all in similar look are being smitten! God is giving Pepsi a warning that Pepsico, and even any power grid group with a similar name, shall face his wrath for supporting gay marriage!

    It is with great disgust that we relive this article: Pepsi Tries to Become the Gay Cola. Soda is full of carbonation, and hopefully everyone who drinks from the frothing cups of homo lifestyles understands that there is no better fuel for hellfire than gay sins carbon!

    My friends, let us pray for Pepsi and for them to become once more the ‘normal cola’.

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