• Pope Benedict XVI Wears Stylish Baseball Cap, In Touch with Today’s Youth

    July 28, 2010 7:53 am 5 comments
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  • People try to claim that the Church is out of touch with today’s youth. This is a common misconception and talking point by liberals, to try to distance today’s youth from the message they need to hear in order to properly influence their lifestyle and political choices they make to be resolute, sound and moral.

    Pope Benedict is a man of serious nature, but also, much like Pope John Paul II, has a good hand and feel of modern culture. What Simon Cowell is to music and being up-to-date in know the taste and pulse of today’s youth, so is Pope Benedict.

    Our Pope knows that children desire to remain chast, and with parental supervision and instruction, our children will not be tempted to enter premarital fornication. With a desire to remain chast, there is no reason for our youths to even have to think about condoms.

    Pope Benedict knows the mind and hearts of our youth are naturally pure, and thus, connects to them to present the important lessons of faith with them in a way they can understand and relate.

    Even in his wardrobe, we see Pope Benedict dresses appropriately before hanging out with several youth from a local parish.

    Praise God for having a Pope who is so attuned to the needs of our modern culture. That is one slick and stylish baseball cap.

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