• Rapper Snoop Dogg Looks Like A Female Kenyan Sprinter

    July 28, 2010 8:04 pm 10 comments
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  • During the 1990s, a new breed of music known as ‘gangster rap’ come to the fore in the urban African American community. This music celebrated all the worst fears of a decent family: gang violence, smoked drugs, gun violence, teenage pregnancy and baggy clothing. These are all the telling signs that your child is under a dark influence and it started in a section of Los Angeles known as Compton.

    The founders of gangster lifestyles were two young men named Snoop Doggy Dogg whose real name is Calvin Broadus. He has a friend named Doctor Dre, who isn’t even a real doctor with an M.D. or PhD, or at least even just a D.O. or DDS, even though he keeps the title and uses it to deceive people.

    The main thing kids need to know about these men is that they are veil wolves, that try to act like tough gangsters with songs that celebrate gun violence and disrespect to women. Kids may go their entire lives not meeting these people, but trying to emulate the fake lifestyle of the need for celebrating violence that their music represents.

    The thing is this: these are soft men. They live in lavish Malibu mansions and get pedicures. They are lush and a real gangster, such as Al Copone or Bugsy Malone would laugh in their faces and shoot tommy guns at these jokes from their early model PT Cruisers. Al Copene did not need celebration music and even though he was against the law of America, at least he respected children and didn’t try to deceive.

    Instead of belabouring the point, today I will just get to my evidence. Here is a picture I have of him, taken at one of his concerts where he tries to pass himself as a tough thug who can scare us all by just walking up to us suspiciously on the street or even worse out of place at a fine department store like Sears or even Penny’s.


    And for those of you not gifted with the visual imagination such as I, with my memory of photography, here is what I’m getting at. He is just pretty much a female Kenyan sprinter and he maybe should run marthons with that girl’s build instead of trying to act like he is a gangster. Took a look at my creation:

    I ask that you please share this image with your wife and especially their children, so they can see whose behind all this gangster rap violence and nonsense. We have chocolate Olive Oyl here trying to peddle of an image of being tough when with just a few taps of the keyboards, I can show you all how he could be mistaken from a skinny Kenyan female cross country sprinter. I rest my case.

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