• Snoop Dogg and a Sea Lion Photo

    July 29, 2010 11:12 am 2 comments
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  • Yesterday I revealed the fact that rapper Snoop Dogg looks like a female Kenyan sprinter, and therefore, is hardly a gangster as he tries to convince our youth otherwise. I revealed this is all a sham act to get kids to buy his cds and then leave them in a false lifestyle of violence, while he and his little buddy producers sit back in their posh Hollywood homes and offices and make fun of the young fools.

    Today I have more proof that Snoop Dogg is not a gangster rapper. As you know, gangsters are not fond of water. If you try to spray them with a water hose, for instance, they will flail their arms dramatically and run away. You used to see it on television black and white all the time, especially in the 60s. Now you tell me, what would a gangster want to do with sea lion at Sea World?

    First of all, where would a drug gangster have the time and money to visit such a fine amusement park and what about his street credientials? Gangsters don’t really have paper resumes and such, but instead, they rely on what is called street credientials. They use their friends as references and their friends recite stories of their gang member feats as character examples:

    “Yeah, yeah, and what not home dogg. My homie boy here smokes some drugs every day and then smacks his womans and then robs nice white people and tries to convince their innocent daughters to smoke with him and get into his car to do drugs and prostitution.”

    Or maybe,

    “My home dogg here wheres the baggiest clothing and he stole them from a store in front of four cops, and one of them was a womans and she got her lip smacked. Home dogg still got away and then smoked some magic mint.”

    This is how it works for them and that’s the type of character references they give, just like you see in the movies and hear when reviewing their rap videos. They spread their reputation by word of mouth and it is always about: drugs, violence and disrespecting women.

    At any rate, Snoop Dogg further proves he is not a gangster and his streed credintials are quite low with those one. We see he has one a cute costume and his hair is styled in tucked pigtails, just like a little school girl. Here we see him posing with a sea lion and there is nothing scary about this picture. Fraud!

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