• The Abstinence Video Game, Perfect Gift For Your Daughters

    July 29, 2010 10:24 am 15 comments
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  • Every year, the life of over 3 million young girls is ruined by sexual temptation. Studies show that girls who engage in sexual acts during their teenage years are more prone to have reproductive issues and psychological issues in adult life. 1 in 4 girls who engage in sexual acts before the age 15 will die before the age of 60.

    These troubling facts should weigh heavily on the hearts and mind of any decent parent. How do we keep our daughters from being tempted or even worse forced to engage in sexual acts. Even the best parent cannot be around our children 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Yes, we can prevent them from getting into dangerous situations such as prom dances and homecomings, where the majority of teenage pregnanciesr and acts leading to such occurs, but how do we influence their heart and mind to reject any unnatural thoughts of fornication that Satan may try to instill deep within them?

    The answer is we influence their minds in any way possible. Our words, teaching them the will of God. Education videos from a young age and promise rings. Their bodies are more than just flesh and blood, but the temple of God and they must keep it pure.

    There is a new video game to help in this process of education for our daughters, and even our sons. With several other family groups, we have joined together to pray and help lobby for our kids at UCF to receive over $430,000 in federal grants to develop a video game to teach our children the necessity and value of Abstinence. The project, as many of you are aware as you donated, was simply called The Abstinence Video Game.

    As a professional in Christian counseling and childhood psychological therapy, I have great faith that this game — which touches on an interface similar to The Sims and Social Life — will be the next big thing to really make our teens understand, that hey, they need to wait until marriage.

    Our friends over at Fox News interviewed about our game and helped to spread awareness about this project nationwide.

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