• The View Obama Charms, Fornicates and Shocks, Watch Video

    July 29, 2010 2:07 pm 8 comments
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  • The View Obama is quite different than the Candidate Obama we saw running for office in 2008. President Barack Hussein Obama made a recent appearance on The View because “Michelle actually watches”. What we saw during his appearance has shocked national audiences.

    First, Obama openly flirted with the female hosting cast of the view. He creepily and consistently peaked down out their legs as he laid back, similar to what you would expect from a college frat boy at a sorority meeting.

    The greatest shock, however, is what Barack Obama said about black people. Barack said ‘blacks are a Mongrel people’, mirroring views and facts presented by our associates Tyson Bowers III and even Abe Goodman.

    Obama went on to say the racial firestorm spurned by the firing of the ouster of a black Department of Agriculture official was a phony controversy created by the conservative media. He then shifted blame, saying his administration was forced to oust her, due to media influence on public opinion. Obama says the treatment of Shirly Sherrod shows there are still racial tensions in America.

    “There are still inequalities out there. There’s still discrimination out there, but we’ve made progress”, said Obama.

    Obama was also asked about the recent Mel Gibson incident, to which Obama joked he’d rather ‘talk about the war in Afghanistan.’ The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Oil Spill in the Gulf, the slow economic recovery and other items that sully up the Obama administration have contributed to Obama’s now 45% approval rating, which rightfully to him, is a far more important subject than Mel Gibson.

    Barack was also asked about Snooki on MTV’s the Jeresey Shore, a show Obama apparently watches from time to time. Obama tried to act like he was familiar with all characters, perhaps in efforts to appear hip, but in the end revealed he wasn’t quite sure which character is exactly Snooki.

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