• Unemployment Benefits

    July 16, 2010 1:40 am 4 comments
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  • Too many people in America refuse to work and get paid for doing so. These people, as you can see in the image above, are social opportunists and the recipients of unemployment benefits.

    Unemployment benefits are a part of social welfare. People who refuse to get a proper education and a job can sign up for these benefits, and the government gives them free money that they take out of your paycheck by taxation.

    Over 94% of the people receiving such benefits are the African-Americans, and by no coincidence, such is Barack Hussein Obama.

    In addition to unemployment benefits, we find these people also receive free ObamaCare, free food (Eagle Vision Cards), free housing and even money to spend on their whiskey, cigarettes and fried chickens.

    Why are we supporting the lifestyle of these people? They know the more children they have, the more unemployment benefits they will receive.

    So they have more children and then teach their children to become bums for a living, and then their children have children at young ages and repeat the process. This is why America’s economy is falling apart.

    Let us repeal unemployment benefits. How can they be called benefits, when I am not helped at all?

    It is an unemployment annoyance to me to have to give poor, non-working miscreants money out of my check. I could spend my money that I earn on whatever I choose; that’s why I work and you do too.

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