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    July 20, 2010 4:44 pm 4 comments
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  • Congress is voting to extend unemployment and this news is sickening.  It should not even be a question.  Here are the facts about unemployment, the unemployment extension votes and what this unemployment news means to you and every other American.

    Each and every year, the federal government gives billions of your money and my money, money we work hard to earn, to people who refuse to work.  These people are called “socialists”.

    These socialists are the same ilk that fought us in the Cold War and have cold blood pumped through their ice-cold bodies by their frigid Siberian hearts.  They are so cold because they refuse to move and work like a proper American.

    America was founded on Puritan work ethic.  Work to show your honor and reverance to God.  It is a part of our American Godly heritage that we appreciate the value of hard work.  God tasked mankind to mind Earth and even for original sin, to work daily.  America is the world’s most powerful country because we built this nation on hard work.

    Now, Obama and is Congressional Democrats seek to destroy American and everything we built up in our country.  The hands of our forefathers tilled the Southern cotton fields so as to build up our textile fabrication industry.  To the North, the sultans of industry lead corporate America to become a leading mercantile powerhouse.

    And even in World War 2, our political workings and militaristic ingenuity, the product of hard work, lead us to become Earth’s premier nation and the leader of mankind, humanity.

    The uemployed and the homeless are durges upon our society.  They use up our resources and play pity songs upon stolen violins to get us to have a heavy heart and feel guilty for our wealth and prosperity.  Many people on unemployment do not need it.

    Do not try to accuse me of being cold just because I am Republican.  I support helping those in need, but just not with my tax money, especially when those ‘in need’ can at least try to find a job and stop living off the illegal socialist system that FDR, JFK, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and now Obama are trying to put into our country.  Stalin and Trotsky are not Americans and neither is anyone who supports socialism.

    So here is my unemployment news:  if you cannot find a job here, get out!  The Mexicans got the memo and try to sneak here because they cannot find jobs in their own lands.  No, we do not want illegals here but they have the right idea, but wrong direction.  Outsource yourself and stop trying to live off my dollar, and Congress, do the right thing and end unemployment!

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