• Wasteful Chinese Waste World’s Energy

    July 20, 2010 3:06 pm 6 comments
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    China is the world’s largest energy consumer.  How sad in a day and age when we have Green Energy and conservation methods in place to protect the earth’s environment from destructive energy production and use (Gasolines, coal, nuclear power facilities), that the Chinese relish in all these things and keep wasting energy and keep polluting Earth.

    China accounts for 11.9 percent of all harmful pollution on Earth, just in their city of Beijing.  Every month, they waste over 300 billion barrel pounds of oil!  What a sick and sad outrage that we do not enforce energy protocols on them.

    The Chinese are in violation of the Kyoto protocol. The energy watchdog, IEA, based in Parais, has warned that if China keeps polluting at this rate, by the year 2057 over 68% of the Earth’s population will be irradiated and develop bevy malignant diseases.

    My friends, China is a wasteful pig, slopping in the muck. All they do is loot and plunder the world’s resources, while putting your sons and daughters at risk of weird cancer mutations that can ruin their quality of life.

    If China fails to abide by the Kyoto protocol that we have agreed the rest of the world and not us abide by, we need to nuke them back to the Stone Age, for the saki of mankind.

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