• Wikilinks Twitters Their Whistle, Obama-Pakistan Alliance Revealed

    July 26, 2010 2:03 am 2 comments
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    Wikilinks is a group of American heroes who have finally exposed Obama’s terror agenda with Pakistan!

    For months now I have warned everyone that Obama is giving billions of our dollars to Pakistan, all while they are aiding the terrorists in Afghanistan.

    It is a true nightmare, my friends. According to the 1,000s of documents, filed by Wikilinks, it is now shown how these Pakistani agents are arming terrorists in Afghanistan with many ways to commit acts of terror against America and our allies.

    For months liberals have tried to deny these facts, but the proof is now here and Wikilinks is to thank. Obama tried to hush this all up but the power of the internet even overcame his presidential shenanigans in trying to hide these facts under a blanket of veil lies.

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