• 19th Amendment: Celebrating 90 Years of Feminism Destroying America, Vote by Vote

    August 18, 2010 4:46 pm 23 comments
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  • On August 18th, 1920, women were given the right to vote. On this dire day, a faux cadre of odd gossipers, were allowed to go out and give their uninformed opinion on matters of life and death, indeed, on matters of nation and state.

    On this fateful day, only 90 years ago, mankind in America — therefore the world — reached a sad end. On the day women received the right to vote, the most hardline and butcherous of females, the feminists, were given a new way to slowly overtake mankind and enforce their twisted views on society. Our friend Joe P. Reagan reflects:

    For far too long, men, and the moral fabric of Western society, have been on the receiving end of a very long societal shaft. The metal of this shaft was first welded by none other than the successors of Susan B. Anthony. It has continually been shined up and adorned with spikes in the smeltering rooms of every anti-man rally.

    During the 1920s, America was a solid and moral nation. Our leaders were only of the most noble character, from only proper backgrounds. The stewards of our society were selected from a tedious process, started by our nation’s Founding Fathers themselves.

    Nowhere in our Constitution did the Founding Fathers give women the right to vote. All men are created equal, as per the wisdom of the men who fought, gave up their lives and families, to ensure a better land for a people, in a new nation under God himself, to thrive and raise families in Christian brotherhood and respect.

    Ever since that fateful day 90 years ago, America has fallen. Women have manipulated the vote to let undue things occur in our society.

    Minorities who are not qualified for jobs can get them now, due to the women vote. Women have voted to allow the murder of babies, trying to make it seem as if abortion is a good thing. Mexicans can now sneak into America and our military is weak, due to female politicians — put into office by the droves of mindless women voters — and their soft stances.

    The list of offenses, the product of the female feminist vote, is too long to cover. It is not worth it. Let us keep it simple. Women are ruining society due to their inherent feminism, and against the will of our nation’s founding fathers, are now tearing us asunder.

    The day comes when women will vote in a female president, and on that day, America will enter its death throes. We will become a soft nation that whimsically lashes out at others, likely leading the world into a menopausal rage of nuclear armegeddon.

    That is the price of feminism. That is the price of giving women the right to vote. The day will come.

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