• Advice For Women: How To Ask Your Boss for a Raise

    August 29, 2010 3:07 pm 5 comments
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    We live in the era of a new century, a true age of scientific wonder and splendor where much can happen. Despite all of our technological marvels, perhaps an even greater feat of our time is the social progress we have made in society.

    One of the most sterling examples of this notion occurred within the presidential election of last year. On the Republican side of things, we had Senator John Mccain, and more note-worthy, his excellent choice for vice-president, Governor Sarah Palin.

    Never before had the nation rallied behind a candidate for vice-president, a female candidate, with no real thoughts of her gender. Then on the Democratic side of things, of course, we had a run-off between Senator Hillary Clinton and our current president, Barack Hussein Obama. It is a real cadre of diversity in the highest echelons of political office, and we experienced it within our lifestimes, and for many of us, it was a lifetime that saw the tumultuous Civil Rights rallies to the celebration rally held for Obama. It speaks volumes about America.

    Yet, in all of this, there is one thing that seems to remain the same: women in the workplace, who nationwide, are making less than men in similar positions. In an era where we can peacefully put a man of color in office, even with a last name and questionable nationality, why is it that women are making significantly less than men?

    The last elections more than proved racism and sexism is almost not existant in America, thanks to people who have changed the mode to Republican progressivism. Even all the way back to Abraham Lincoln, staunch Republicans and Democrats who have aligned with our Republican values of “justice for all” and “all men are created equal” have helped establish America as a true land of equality.

    The problem, women, is that you are not asking for raises at the workplace and using the antiquated notion of sexism as a crutch. This is why you are not getting rasises: America has progressed. Even though you women have progressed much since the days of Susan B. Anthony, you now have to do what hardworking men have had to do since the dawn of this nation: grow a spine. Stand up for yourself.

    You should fix yourself up in your finest clothing and march into your bosses office. Dressing in your finest does not mean dress like a dirty little devil’s whore either. You don’t need to go flopping your corporate milksacks under a lowcut blouse or be flirty with your boss. Just go in there, professionally, and tell him you deserve a raise based on your work ethic and accomplishments.

    This is the same way that there should not be affirmative action. If a black woman is good enough, she will get the job. If she’s not, she won’t get it. It’s a matter of earning and asserting yourself, earning what you achieve.

    It’s the why it’s been for normal white men and now that we have full equality for all, it is the way it is for all people now. That’s the beauty of equality, but until you try to actively participate in it and stop making excuses for your failure, you have only yourself to blame for not achieving all you can.

    Our friend’s at a feminine freshness company, also came up with a few helpful steps for working women who feel they deserve a raise. As you can, the advice from top-tier corporate executives is pretty much the same as I have for you here, with a few exceptions like first making sure to ensure freshness in your secret place whonanny and then also a good breakfast, which is good advice as well.

    Hopefully this helps all you career getter women out there, balancing out your family life with your corporate life. Remember, this is the big leagues now. You have to stand up for yourself: think about the work Death of a Salesman. You have to be a part of the business game. You can’t sit on the sidelines, crying about how things ‘just are not fair’.

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