• ALERT: Gay Agenda Releases “Know Age of Consent” Law Video

    August 17, 2010 4:08 pm 9 comments
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    The Gay Agenda has released a new video. It is titled “Know Age of Consent.”

    A bring you parents urgent warning. Gays love to prey upon children. Gays love to haunt them all night in their dreams, then hunt their exhausted bodies all day.

    The gay council convened during the Prop 8 hearing last week and made this video. We received word on film crews shooting this video in San Franciso and on YouTube, their agenda video already has thousands of views and replies.

    This video is what they are using for an education video from their probably Education Department chairgay. In it they teach the gay followers, state by state, what is the age of legal consent for unholy acts. They want this list, not so they only approach children who are of legal age of consent, but rather so THEY KNOW WHO TO PREY ON BECAUSE GAYS ARE TURNED ON BY CHILDEN.

    This video is shocking and scary. It shows the gay devotion to attacking our children. They want to corrupt them while young. Gays love to corrupt the innocent and get jollies from it.

    In the following video, you will see the gay agenda first hand. They are twisting our laws to protect children and using it as a way to ‘thrill seek’ from state-to-state.

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