• America Destroys 11-Year-Old CJ Dippa Dream of Thugdom, America’s Got Talent

    August 4, 2010 1:15 pm 62 comments
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  • Usually I hate reality tv shows, but for once, something good happened.  Many of you out there may be familiar with a new talent show, called America’s Got Talent.

    This bizarre show lets people come on, with any talent, and display it on stage.  The grand prize is a show in Vegas, national exposure and $1 million.  Your talent can be anything that is legal to show on TV.

    The hosts and sometimes judges of the show is a French nancy named Piers, Sharon Osborne who is married to that mumble rocker who ate a bat and a bald humorless comedian named Howie Mandel. 

    Last week, the semi-finals of the show aired and I tuned in, because I was alerted a young, nice child of proper tone and background had made the final cut.  I heard he had great music talent and could even write his own songs.  Then I found out, he was a young gangster rapper and was probably not a natural.

    Despite the fact that this boy child had been learned how to talk proper, he instead decided to do the black children thing and misprounounce his words and such as if his mother or teachers never taught him better.

    He also:

    1) Wore baggy prison clothing.
    2) Talked about having girls calling his cell phone, even though he’s just 11 and should only at most have it programmed to call his mother and father, and 911 if the help of police are needed.
    3) Writes nursery rhymes that use dangerous gangster beats and themes ( referring to himself in third person, which can lead to acute psychoses)
    4) Hinged all his hopes and dreams on becoming a vanilla rap star like Eminems or even worse William Smith.

    Watching this children was pretty much a nightmare, and on the last episode of America’s Got Talent he went up against some French guy named Haspop (who Piers ‘loved’, surprise surprise) and some random black dancing children with a typical Obama sob cry story about their hard life and wanting our votes.

    I’m so proud of America for not voting for CJ Dippa. You can see his little eyes filled with hopes and dreams that he was going to become the Justin Bieber of rappers, then it all went away because our American votes dashed his dreams! In hell Satan held his breath in anticipation and even tried to whisper in the host Nick Cannon’s ears to just say CJ Dippa, but there was no turning back the will of America to save this kids from a Satanic black drug music influence.

    You can see all this happen in the video and watch as his eyes reveal all sinful fantasies crushed and demons flee the scene weeping because they cannot have this child to use for their perverse music rap agenda. Here’s the video and please enjoy this great moment with your family.

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