• Angry God Flexes His Power, Blows Up Indonesian Volcano For Cheating American Businesses

    August 30, 2010 7:53 pm 7 comments
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    God has once more put his power on display, this time by blowing up a volcano in Indonesia!

    Last week, our colleague Chuck Reagan exposed Indonesia and China’s scam to rip of American paper fabrication companies.

    Indonesia was found to be ‘ cheating by subsidizing and selling their paper products at less than fair value in the United States’.

    For years, economic scientists have theorized as to what force, seemingly invisible, blesses America’s economy. Even through a great depression, the dust bowl, a Civil War, being attacked by savage British and Indians, World War 1, spending all of our money during World War 2 to save Earth and finally, the terrors of 9/11, and all the spend-happy democrats, our economy remains number one.

    Why? Why?

    What force comes America number one, even when the math-addict Asians put their tedious little hands and perverse machinations against our business enterprise. God.

    God powers the American economy. Ancient economists from the 1700s said it was “laissez-faire’, but just like the invisble ‘the big bang’ theory from evolution scientists, it doesn’t make sense. You can’t just get nothing from something, so everything we have comes from God.

    So when a country tries to slight America and get over with it, they slight God. God snapped his fingers and casually yawned, and now Indonesia lays in ruin. I almost fear to hear the number of how many Indonesians were seared by this volcanoes flowing lava, that sent them all straight to hell for living in a nation who would dare defy our One Nation Under God by cheating us in business.

    America is God’s country. Indonesia has learned the hard way. Let this be a lesson to all of ye lesser lands. Respect the economic might of America, and we will be your friends. Respectnig America is respecting God, going against us, however, will land you in hell with Satan.

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