• Ann Coulter is Going AWOL, Agrees to Speak at Homocon 2010

    August 21, 2010 10:06 am 17 comments
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    There is a major problem in trusting women to be one of the prominent media speakers for your cause: women are fickle. Today’s female betrayer: Ann Coulter.

    Ann Coulter purports to defend democracy and stand for returning America to accept its Christian tradition and Godly heritage. So why is it that Ann Coulter has agreed to be the keynote speaker at Homocon 2010?

    Homocon 2010 is an event that is supposed to be for “gay conservatives”. Let’s be clear right here. Let’s be crystal clear right now. There is no such thing as a gay conservative. Period. There is no such thing as a gay Christian. Period.

    Conservative values dictate that a marriage is between a man and woman. It dictates that homosexuality is wrong and anyone who defends it is a fringe liberal lunatic.

    Why is Ann Coulter supporting the gay agenda? In the following image, we see that the gays have an organized agenda. They have divided their war on culture and have included a front on Federal Legislation. They have already placed a lesbian on the Supreme Court and know are going for the coup the grace.  Gays have secretly ratified and enacted a Federal Gay Agenda for 2010:


    Shock: Ann Coulter Agrees to Speak at ‘Conservative Gay’ marriage rally
    Anyone who tries to mask themselves as a Republican and gay is a veiled wolf in sheep’s skin. It is sick that for a quick buck, Ann Coutler is willing to sell-out the values of America by speaking at Homocon 2010.

    What a betrayal. If Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot could somehow have a perverse gay child offspring (which they can’t, since man and man can’t have a child), it would still have more honor in its extended pinky than the whole of Ann Coulter. What an embarassment to true conservatives and Christians, nationwide.

    America has reached a battle climax and is at a vital crux in the war against homosexuality. If we are to stop marriage of gays, we must do it now. Ann Coulter is apparently not conservative enough, or she would have condemned any gay who invted her to speak at this ‘event’.

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