• Another Cat Tries to Snocker a Woman’s Sintreats

    August 17, 2010 1:28 pm 10 comments
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    It has been only one day since I showed you proof of cats are afflicted with the sin of fornication.  It was only a day ago I warned about of cat unties woman’s bra, tries to lick woman’s milksacks then meower.  We were all disgusted and could ssee why cats are vermin that need to be killed.

    It really is heartbreaking to know that one of God’s creation is so easily swayed by Satan. Just like with snakes, however, we must accept that cats do not make acceptable pets and if you see a stray one, you should either clobber it or call the authorities so they can dispose of it.

    Satan lead to the fall of mankind. As Eve walked around the Garden of Eden in the buff, the old snake Satan’s serpent scepter became agitated with sin. He wanted Eve to think about herself and her naughties so that he could seduce her and fandangle her, but God made it so that Adam and Eve did not even realize the need for clothing.

    All that changed after Eve ate the apple and I’m sure since she was so easy to convince, that she cheated on Adam with Satan and the Bible just leaves that part to implication since it’s pretty obvious. So Satan has appeared in the form of animals to seduce weak, pevert women since the literal dawn of mankind.

    Eve was a dirty whore, just like all of her daughters if they don’t have a man with a strong hand in their lives. Satan is using cats to exploit this fact. He knows women like them because they are ‘cute’ and they purr, but then when they least expect, they make little nibbles here and there and Satan hopes this will be enough to seque into a full act of carnal sins.

    In this following video, look at how Satan inhabits the body of this cat. Watch how Satan looks at the sintreats of this woman as she dances around on this YouTube video. You can see what this cat wants to do and Satan is going to try to push all the right buttons to make sure it happens. Sick. Sick. Warning: First pray and then demand all women/children immediately exit the room before reviewing.

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