• Australia ABC News Channel 7, Breaking Australian Election Results

    August 21, 2010 8:44 am 13 comments
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  • Australia ABC News Channel 7 is the first in with results of Australia’s recent elections.

    We’ve kept a close eye on Australia the last year, as the country is an at-risk nation. As Australia continues to grow in isolation, it slowly lets whatever moral identity it manage to forge for itself continue to wane.

    The most troubling aspect about this election was the possibility of more aboriginal senators, than ever before, seeking office. America’s ABC did a feature interview with Warren Williams, who is poised to become the third aboriginal senator in Australian history. Australia has entertained dangerous things: proposed gay marriages, abortion, cloning and no dealth penalty. They have overcome being a criminal colony and picking themselves up by their boots, and making a decent nation who supports America.

    Now, all of this seems to be waning. If they actually do put through and not demand a recount for any aborigine getting to hold public office, I fear the worse for Australia.

    The Dangers of Aborigine

    The scariest aspect of aborigines is their resilience; they refuse to assimilate. Imagine the horror if one day we held an election and instead of a decent Christian man winning America’s President, instead we had an Indian.

    I have nothing against Indians, but if one were to disrespect my country and our White House with pow-wows, wearing Indian feathers and saying we are a rain god nation, I would oversee the impeachment proceedings myself.

    Senators control law. So if you elect an aborigine Senator, you set the stage for said senator to gain power and exert influence over laws. Aborigines are tribal and therefore believe in scary things like witch medicine. Only today, an African aborigine tribe was arrested for selling albinos on their black market.

    Are these things we want to become legal again: slavery? Witchdoctors?

    The dangerous thing here is that the Africans in the video you watched, under the link above, were selling albinos to other Africans. Is it legal for a people to exploit those of their own people they wish, if their own law says it is legal?

    I say no, but you put enough of them in office to get such measures on the docket, and you never know what can happen.

    So as we continue to watch the election results, let’s pray that the conscious of Australia stays light and pure.

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