• Barack Obama Supports Terror Mosque at World Trade Center

    August 18, 2010 5:04 pm 12 comments
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  • Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein. I’ve warned everyone time and time again of this fact. Obama’s middle name is Hussein, because he’s Muslim. Terrors of Jafar!

    For liberals who try to defend Obama, for those who try to pretend this man has no Muslim agenda after we caught him kneeling before the feet of the king of Sauds, after we caught him funneling $1 billion of American tax-money to Muslim terrorists in Palestine, I ask you today, why?

    Why do you hate America? Why do you not love our nation’s freedoms and your comrades? When you voted for Obama, you voted for terror. President George W. Bush spent 8 years defending America from terrorists, then you put the very kin of 9-11 hate into the White House.

    The sad hearts of the victim families of 9/11, who everyday must wake up and remember they live in a nation where 3,000 of their loved ones were murdered, then the very people who did the crime are placed into the highest job in the nation.

    Obama supports the World Trade Center Terror Mosque. He thinks it is okay for Al-Qaeda to build a mosque on the very ground where they shed the blood of 3,000 innocent Americans. Obama must be impeached for this treason. Let us watch all of these facts in the following video.

    For far too long, men, and the moral fabric of Western society, have been on the receiving end of a very long societal shaft. The metal of this shaft was first welded by none other than the successors of Susan B. Anthony. It has continually been shined up and adorned with spikes in the smeltering rooms of every anti-man rally.

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