• Batman Robs Taco Bell

    August 20, 2010 2:13 pm 7 comments
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    There is not a Mexican restaurant finer than Taco Bell. Say what you will about those Salmonella breeding sneak-walker, but they can make a mean taco supreme. The exotic goodness of Taco Bell combined with its competitive price make it a great place for many people to eat, especially the poor such as high school and college students.

    So why is it no surprise that we see Marvel Comics present at Taco Bell, trying to make a comic scene to spread their gay agenda. This time they use one of their most gay characters possible, The Batman.

    For those of you who don’t know, Batman is a homoerotica comic book character. He runs around in women tights and has abducted a young boy named “Robin” to do wear pantyhose and do all sorts of athletic flips for him. They “train” together in the “batcave”. This is all secret homo innuendo and it means something hidden and horrible.

    The gays call comics comics because they want children to think about sunshine and happiness bunnies, when in reality comics are nothing but a veiled devil in a sheep’s skin. Satan is a rabid wolf who will devour your child’s soul should he catch wind of comics.

    The gays are trying to make ‘viral’ media headlines this week by having one of their employees, probably Batman wank dobbler Bruce Timm dress up as Batman and rob a Taco Bell. They know with the school year just starting again, this will be the talk in high school and colleges nationwide.

    They hope children will look at Batman and say, “How neat, he dangles his twiddle with Robin the boy ‘wonder’ with a girl’s name”, then let the gay’s have their way with them. How sick.

    Here is the video they are trying to make go viral and I say just lock him up and throw away the key.

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